Winery tours, tastings and relaxation

A whole range of tasteful experiences.

A taste of the best of the Langhe, surrounded by wines, wineries and vineyards, spa centres and the purest springs, historical distilleries and the finest artisan beers. Itineraries that lead to the discovery of delicious things to drink, beautiful countryside and the labours of the people who live here.



Agriturismo La Morra

Casa baladin


distilleria montanaro

terme di lurisia


A group of companies united by a passion for hard work and the desire to fully satisfy their clients await you, in places where not only will you have the chance to appreciate their many wonders, but also the experiences they offer. A journey that you, yourself, will create, discovering lands, stories, food and wines, narrated by those who live and work here every day. A journey among historical residences, winery tours, tastings and relaxation, characterised by the finest hospitality and cuisine.