Terme di Lurisia

Fai tappa nel benessere.

The most relaxing experience during your journey awaits you at the Terme di Lurisia spa centre. Here you can transform even the shortest pause into a long moment of absolute relaxation.

At Terme di Lurisia, you can choose from a range of inhalations, treatments and massages, or reserve a moment to enjoy a sense of wellbeing, thanks to the warm welcome you will be given and the relaxation areas at your disposal. However long you have, it will be enough to enjoy an authentic wellness experience. You choose how long to stay and our staff will recommend the best treatment to suit your requirements.

A moment dedicated to health and beauty, thanks to the exclusive and microbiologically pure waters with hypothermal properties that make Terme di Lurisia an authentic Thermal Spa, a centre credited by the Ministry of Health as a Super Top Category Spa Centre.

You decide how long to stay and, together with our therapists, the type of spa, muscle or relaxation treatment that best suits your needs. And with the addition of oils and essences, every treatment will be tailored perfectly for you.

Even the shortest break will take on the best possible value and will be a long and precious moment dedicated just to you.

Website: www.termedilurisia.it

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