Ristorazione Alciati


The Alciati family has a long tradition in Piedmontese haut cuisine: Ugo Alciati and Lidia Vanzino first opened the “Guido” restaurant in Costigliole d’Asti, in 1960.

In 2013, Fontanafredda entered into an important partnership with the Alciati brothers, and “Guido” moved to the Royal Villa at Fontanafredda. The rooms of the Villa were completely restored, bringing their beautiful terracotta floors and magnificent frescoed ceilings back to the light.

In this refined and elegant setting, chef Ugo Alciati and his brother Piero, oenologist and maître, offer their guests a unique experience, serving traditional, seasonal and memorable cuisine.

Also on the Fontanafredda estate, the Alciati brothers propose a more informal restaurant setting with Osteria “Disguido”, open every day for lunch, where an open-plan kitchen is manned by young chefs studying under Ugo Alciati. Business lunches, informal luncheons, traditional snacks and wine tastings.  

The Alciati family also runs Ristorante Castello di Santa Vittoria, where talented young chef Paolo Decio is able to show off all his passion for the genuine and simple foods of this region. His proposals include traditional flavours enriched by a series of memories that are part of his personality and define his style



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