Distilleria Montanaro

Tradition, method and passion.

The antique Distillery was founded in 1885 by Francesco Trussoni, who had the brilliant idea of creating Grappa di Nebbiolo da Barolo, the first “single-grape” distillate in history. In 1922, the estate passed under the management of Mario Montanaro and his wife Angela Trussoni, who, along with their son Giuseppe, became the worthy heirs of a rigorous methodology, perfecting the production processes by introducing the use of steam stills.

The guided tour of the Montanaro distillery is divided into three moments. The first takes visitors to see the production area, where the original, historical copper stills, which have been operating since 1885, are housed. Here, where the marc used to make the grappa is received, distilling takes place in copper cauldrons, the methyl and ethylic alcohol are separated, and the grappa is slowly and constantly created, guests are introduced to and accompanied on the discovery of the antique art of distilling.

A visit to the historical cellars then follows, with a chance to see its ultra-centennial barrels. The methods and characteristics used to age the grappa are explained and this is one of the most exciting moments of the visit, thanks to the perfumes that inebriate our guests, awaiting the final moment: tasting. A journey in crescendo, from the youngest grappas to the oldest, to grasp all the nuances that this product is capable of giving our palate. It is also possible to taste Barolo Chinato, Grappa and Camomile Liqueur, Bianco Montanaro and our prestigious Brandies, aged in barrels for over forty years.

At the new Montanaro Shop, our clients can find a series of typical products chosen by us and sold under the Montanaro Food brand, a small selection of Eataly products and the precious wines of the small and larger producers of Langhe and Roero, who supply the marc used to make our grappas.  

Website: www.distilleriamotanaro.com

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