The beginning

The name Borgogno has always been linked to one of the oldest wineries in the Langhe and Piedmont. Everything began in 1761, when Bartolomeo Borgogno founded the cellar. Over the years, the estate’s history has often been linked with that of Italy, such as in 1861, the years of the Unification of Italy: the wine chosen to accompany the official celebratory lunch was Borgogno’s Barolo.


Absolute protagonist of the new century was Cesare Borgogno. The youngest of five brothers, in 1920 he took over the management of the winery. A well-known and very charismatic man, he succeeded immediately in transmitting new enthusiasm and bringing about significant innovations. The wines first crossed the national borders for the first time, conquering new markets year after year, the most important being those on the other side of the Atlantic, in America. Cesare’s geniality launched a tradition which would seem ludicrous today; the wines of the best vintages were not all released onto the market – at least 50% were kept jealously in the dark cellars for at least twenty years. And so the finest vintages of Barolo began to be accumulated. Thanks to this clever strategy, which has since become the norm, the underground cellars now represent a rare historical memory of the Langhe. In the second half of the Fifties, the renovation of the cellars was completed and, in 1967, with a new programme of transformation in the corporate organisation, the Estate took on its current name, “Giacomo Borgogno & Figli”. Upon the death of Cesare Borgogno in 1968, management passed into the hands of his granddaughter Ida and her future husband, Franco Boschis, who had worked with him until his death, and then to their sons, Cesare and Giorgio.


2008 marked another significant step in the history of Borgogno: the estate was taken over by the Farinetti family. The following year, the extensive refurbishment of the main building was completed, restoring it to its original appearance; respecting tradition, the historical cellars built in 1761 were not altered. In 2010, Andrea Farinetti, having completed his studies at oenological school, took over management of the estate. Once again, he is the youngest of three brothers.


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